Born in Flamez

henry Music

  • FR, 11.08. 23:00-00:00 surface





@BorninFlamez.authentic is the Facebook handle of this multi-dimensional, multi-personality pop artist from the void. To put on masks that look as if they were stolen from the May Riots in Berlin or welded from the silverware of a prince in, say, Bückeburg, is in and of itself funny. The defenders of allegedly “honest” pop music would argue that what Born in Flamez is, is not authentic. Their reasoning: This artist is hiding their true face! But let’s get this straight once and for all: pop is not authentic. Pop is a façade made of symbolism, irritating and full of secrets. It is the antithesis of authentic. Pop is the means to project an identity through music. Born in Flamez shows us, almost paradigmatically, how this works. Those who look into the silver mask see a reflection of themselves; in contrast the black mask shows no reflection. By doing this, the music has become more accessible than expected. In the engine room of identities, it steams, plummeting basses resembling Modeselektor, frequent vocals, a feeling of Dub. And a bit of glitter. Long live the antithesis.