DJ Pam Bam

Christoffer Horlitz Music

  • SA, 12.08. 01:30-03:30 faser


Afro-House, Hip Hop


Leave boredom at the door!

Progression, development and the future are key concepts when looking at musical creativity in nearly all sub genres of electronic music. House music, too, is reinventing itself constantly. The possibility of putting any random sample to a beat which is either slower or faster means that house music is in a constant state of flux. DJs are always on the lookout for a particular vinyl or sound, which isn’t being played everywhere. With recent cultural digital globalisation, accessing music from around the world and from different eras is relatively easy. The idea of “digging around” for music has fundamentally changed. This has paved the way for new subgenres such as afro house. Afro house, as the name suggests, combines rhythmic afrobeats with equally rhythmic house tunes. The result will leave a big smile on your face; it’s fresh and, surprisingly enough, very easy to dance to. Afro house breezes across the dancefloor like a fresh, rhythmic wind, a subgenre which is now experiencing a huge comeback. Fuchsbau Festival is therefore very excited to welcome DJ PamBam. The Berlin DJs sets are too experimental for them to belong to any one genre. She likes to mix classic afrobeats with future sounds such as grime or old-school hip-hop classics. It feels very current while also looking towards the future, and is anything but boring!