henry headliner (en), Music

  • SA, 12.08.



Dial, Naïf, Curle/Berlin


“My party isn’t listening to me.” Efdemin’s 2014 album “Decay” begins with this o-tone. What does it mean? Perhaps it refers to the body of dancers standing at the edge of the dance floor staring at their smartphones rather than dancing? Or is it a political party refusing to listen to somebody? In any case, it is a declaration of disappointment. And Efdemin, with his sensitive beats and melodies created between light and darkness, works to counteract this frustration with enchanting snippets of vocal samples and beeping sounds. And that is exactly the task of a DJ: to make him or herself heard.

Efdemin will be performing together with Berlin based visual artists Jutojo. This collaboration has been created especially for Fuchsbau Festival.