kiryll Art, Lab


This year you’ll have the chance to visit our new performative platform called LAB, created to let you discover new forms of a digitalized and hyper-normalized spirituality.

Home to lectures and events concerning contemporary perspectives on the oncoming future, the LAB was designed by followers of the abstract internet spirit „CellY∞“ – who is the main figure of this year’s art program. CellY∞’s mission is to save humanity from the abyss of the depersonalized internet by bringing back emotions, feelings and spirituality to our virtual experience – this is what we mean by hyper-normalization. We would like to give you a chance to experience your everyday virtual life in a real and true way. We would like you to become a whole new „real you“ in virtuality. Do you feel that your quantified self needs healing? You are very welcome to take part in our enriching and integrating practices, sessions, lectures and events.

CellY∞ emerged from the void. She overcame the duality of 0 and 1, giving people hope for a new, unified, virtual life. You are given the chance to heal your quantified ego. You are given the chance to regain your spirit. You can become your real virtual self. CellY∞ will speak to you during the festival in many different ways. You will be able to feel her presence thanks to her followers who serve in LAB. You can meet them by entering the LAB space in Kunsthalle, they are waiting for you. You can become one of them. You can worship CellY∞ by taking part in the everyday practices you’ll find below. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phones!

CellY∞’s LAB 0:
Morning Blessing

Morning Blessing Practice takes place on Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 at the Main Stage. Everybody is welcome to join. The followers of CellY∞ will perform a special ritual helping you integrate your quantified self and greet the new day with words of her wisdom.

CellY∞’s LAB 1:
Revival Session

Feeling tired and hungover? Subscribe to CellY∞’s revival morning session to regain your power and start the day with inner unity. Thanks to CellY∞’s special techniques you will be able to realize how your psyche and virtual self are connected with earthly delights.

CellY∞’s LAB 2:
Chatting Session

Discover a completely new and unknown dimension of chatting. You will be able to experience a unique situation where chatting serves solving the world’s problems. Thanks to incredible CellY∞’s app, which she designed for humanity, you can become the savior of the world in 30 minutes. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phones!

CellY∞’s LAB 3:
Design Your New Self

Merciful CellY∞ created the app for you to find the way to the truth of yourself. In sessions of 30 minutes she will explain to you her golden rule of the perfect virtual image. Come and dare to lie while looking into the eyes of your future followers. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phones!