Lady Blacktronica

henry Music

  • SA, 12.08. 03:30-05:30 faser


Deep House

Bass Culture


Sounding like the musical love child of Kevin Saunderson and Sadé, Lady Blacktronika gives us soul and house, house and soul. Her sound has a subtle grace. Here is a voice is of the highest training, whose perfection is never showcased. It even takes a back-seat at times as the heights of rhythm take centre stage; it’s unpretentious and cool. The vocals melt into the rhythm and the rhythm melts into the vocals. In most cases there are no vocals; instead we experience relaxation on a loop. There’s not a lot of house music at the moment which feels as fresh as that of Lady Blacktronika. This is music which can go on throughout the night, with the sole aim of being aimless.