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Umlilo & STASH Crew



Rainbow Riots

Umlilo and Stash Crew are avant-garde gender and genre bending artists that fuse live electronic music with political insight, hip hop, kwaito, dance and queer pop sensibilities.

As part of The Rainbow Riots Project, the two acts have joined forces to collaborate on a worldwide tour that seeks to unite the voices of queer artists around the world from Cape Town to Sao Paolo to Lehrte.

These artists and their network are on a mission to amplify the voices and experiences of other queer and gender non-conforming people, especially those of colour. Despite the tremendous duress queer people experience, their narratives and experiences are typically erased from mainstream dialogues. Yet, there is a new rise of queer artists in Africa that are pushing boundaries. Umlilo & STASH Crew are at the forefront of this movement and we’re excited to welcome them at Fuchsbau Festival.