What kind of influence does digitalization have on our individual solitude as well as our coexistence? In a world characterized by growing inequality, how can we rethink our understandings of self-awareness and cooperation? It’s a matter of Transhumanism and science fiction, Afrofuturism and queer dance, a matter of hyper-individualism and global community. Fuchsbau goes cyber-fetishism. No need to expect wi-fi though, we’re still a cozy festival.

The sixth Fuchsbau Festival dedicates itself to contemporary questions, formats, artistic works, music and adventure. From performances of graphic art to electronic music and progressive pop, the Festival strives to be boundary-transcending through innovative and bold dimensions. Through roundtable talks and workshops, we can reflect on our debates with a passion. Support for the concept of this project comes from a nonprofit collective made up of artists, as well as cultural and social scientists.

Come together, you digitalized souls! Let us program each other into machines of love. Let us free ourselves from the chains of uniform existence. Isolated humans and soulful cyborgs unite! Rub the sands of sleep out of your robotic eyes and come join us in technological Utopia!