Marie Eve Levasseur

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Mixed Media



Marie-Eve Levasseur (*1985 in Trois-Rivières, Canada) is an artist living and working in Leipzig, Germany. She completed a bachelor in Visual and Media Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) and obtained her master degree with distinction (MFA) and her postmaster diploma at the Academy of Visual Arts of Leipzig.

The mediating surface of our bodies (the skin) and the communicating surface of our devices (the screen) are the core elements of her research. How we perceive these by means of touch and how we position the informational or emotional content of our interactions inside or outside these surfaces, the outside becoming an extension or a prosthesis to the body, allows us to perform life differently.

We, human or non-human, never stop producing DATA, that is to say, an informational flow of language and meaning through texts, images and bodies. That makes us assist a gradual mutation in the way we share information, use written languages and express emotions. Tactility is also gaining importance in the way we touch our machines while losing some in the way we touch each other.

Using diverse forms and techniques, like video, installation, sculpture, photography and 3D animation, Marie-Eve Levasseur questions the proximity of technological and organic surfaces in a posthuman context as well as the notion of intimacy, tactility, storage of content, potential emancipation and neurological prosthesis. Science fiction and philosophy conceptually feed her work, tinted with her own experience, interests, location and position.

For "splitter faser", she will show her latest work, An Inverted System to Feel (your shared agenda) a science fiction video about human skin mutating into a touch screen through the tattooing of luminous nanoparticles. Her current work is exploring the extension of the skin perception for a potential communication with non-human organic others.