Noah Voelker

Christoffer Horlitz Art




DAEWON Insight Solutions and Noah Voelker need your thoughts, feelings, reactions, opinions, judgements, and more.
We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals who have something to say to participate in our focus group sessions. DAEWON Insight Solutions is proud to bring their unique brand of in person research to the Fuchsbau Festival. Our client has hired us to do cutting edge personal research and we are excited to bring it to the festival. DAEWON Insight Solutions has partnered with theatremaker Noah Voelker to conduct focus group sessions on the pressing issues of our time. Noah Voelker will conduct short sessions around topics of politics, culture, and world events that concern our client. Our client is particularly interested in getting your feedback on new political trends that have emerged in the recent years. Noah Voelker will use a variety of methodologies such as Subjective Clustering and the Laddering Qualitive Technique to help bring out your best responses. Noah Voelker will ascertain your thoughts in the frames of the intangible, moral, practical, social, emotional, and individual value-systems.

Noah Voelker (USA, 1990) is a theatre maker and performer from Texas now based in The Netherlands. Noah has worked in the areas of theatre scholarship, directing, writing, devised performance, sound design, and dramaturgy. Noah’s current work is concentrated on authenticity in performance, storytelling, the practice of devising work, performance installations, and audience participation in performance. (